OCO GLOBAL Sponsor Sult 2023

OCO GLOBAL are delighted to sponsor this event for the second year in a row in 2023!

But why?

Last year’s event showed us the presence of a young, energised and excited population in the area. It’s clear that when you’re from here, that means something special! It means you know what it’s like to live between land and sea, you get the ‘craic’, and you know the amazing landscape and lifestyle that exists here! Don’t worry we do too! So we think it’s something we should celebrate, and what better way than by sponsoring SULT 2023.

As a local company with a global footprint, a growing number of our team are now choosing to work and live in Donegal, bringing new ideas and new expertise to the region. In fact, there are a number of our international trade and investment experts based in gteic@ghaothdobhair (5 mins from Sult!).

Our commitment to you and this region, is to continue to support local businesses, educational institutions, and economic development organisations to grow the North-West regional economy.

So what does that actually mean?

Well, we do lots of things:

  • We support exciting and innovative businesses to scale and grow into new markets;
  • We provide strategic consulting support to plan and deliver economic growth and prosperity;
  • We develop brands and marketing strategies for our region; and we look at how to attract investment into this area, creating jobs and opportunities for all;


… and much more! Here in Donegal this means supporting organisations like Údarás na Gaeltachta, the Local Enterprise Office and other cross border economic groups such as the North West City Region. It means helping large and small companies of all sizes and sectors to scale and grow internationally, anyone from Randox to McDaids Football Special!


Sound good?

We also started an office here to take advantage of the emerging talent pool in the North West! By providing globally focused jobs in one of Ireland’s leading connected hubs, we offer roles that bring people back to the incredible quality of life that exists here in Donegal! We are always looking for new talent and if you want a global job, that creates impact and offers international travel opportunities, take a look at our website: www.ocoglobal.com.

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